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  • 08.10.2012



    The history of Russian loyalty market started not so long ago. In 1998 it consisted of just three  programs – 2 air companies (Transaero and Aeroflot) and a restaurant chain Rosinter with its “Honored guest” program. Today no one knows exactly how many loyalty programs exist in Russia, but the right answer is “many”.

  • 01.07.2011

    Are Russian Frequent Flyer Programmes Competitive? - Comment on the article by Ravindra Bhagwanani

    Unfortunately, voices of foreign experts are still seldom heard in the Russian market. Even more rarely do players (members) of foreign markets share their views on the processes running in our country, usually confining themselves to relating stories about their own practices.

  • 07.12.2011

    14,5% of current population on Earth are members of different loyalty programs

    According to the research conducted by the British Finaccord company in 2011, 14,5 percent of the world’s population - an estimated 650 million people - are participating in at least one loyalty program and these figures are constantly growing.


Loyalty School (mini-MBA), 24th -25th of May 2012, Kiev

Loyalty School (mini-MBA), 24th -25th of May 2012, Kiev

Elena Naumchik, ‘We are living in times of rapid changes. New products with unique qualities are created, new stars of business corporations appear, while business pillars are lying in ruins. Stocks and rates may depreciate at any moment of time. Economic instability is becoming a new long-term ‘quality’ of modern business environment.

 Such conditions cause increase in demand for 3 items only: energy resources, weapons and customer loyalty. Our times are times of a real battle for the customer and any mistakes in such battle may turn for the company irreplaceable losses.

Loyalty School presents itself our attempt to consolidate and systematize our practical experience carefully collected for many years, share the workable tools and the most important, basic principles of developing efficient loyalty program. The course is highly recommended to managers of companies planning launch of loyalty program in the nearest future, it will also enable the participants to understand major problems and find solutions for overcoming difficulties in loyalty programs that have already been launched as well as to arrange their knowledge in such a young but highly promising sphere of marketing as customer loyalty.’

Elena was one of the main lecturers of the event. Two others were Konstantin Gontmaher (Russia) and Julia Kosternaya (Ukraina).          

The whole event was scheduled for 3 days. It contained lectures, interactive sessions and discussion of business cases from invited guests.

The agenda was as follows:

1st day:

• Global trends and best practices

• Business model of customer loyalty programs

• Life cycle of loyalty program, financial model

• Shift to a client-oriented approach

2nd day:

• From ideas to implementation

• Go live: launching and development

• Operational mode and how to achieve payback

• Customer Analytics and Segmentation

• Evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of loyalty program

• Common mistakes and implementation of right solutions

3rd day:

• Types and examples of affiliate programs

• Anchor partner / business partner / program operator

 • Which program is better - own or a partnership one?

•  How to choose a partner. Criteria.

• Building a successful career in the sphere of loyalty and customer relations

Elena’s workshop:

Elena’s group – 42 participants from banking, IT, retail, fuel and other industries.

Discussing case in groups:


Feedback of the participants:


How useful is this course for your practice work?

satisfying – 4%;

good – 38%;

excellent – 42%;

outstanding – 16%.


How trainers answered your questions?

4 (excellent) – 48%;

3  (good) – 43%;

2 (satisfying) – 9%;



Information value %

Clear and easy to understand %

Contact with audience %

Logic, %

Elena Naumchik





5 (outstanding)





4 (excellent)





3 (good)





2 (satisfying)





1 (bad)







• I would like to express my deep gratitude to organizers and trainers for their constructive approach and clearness in sharing their relevant  experience in the sphere of loyalty/ Julia Loboda – ‘Nova Poshta’, Head of the loyalty program/;

• It is the only practical course on loyalty onto the Ukrainian market, which I can strongly recommend /Anton Ermolenko – ‘ (Business Books)’, Development Director/;

• After the course you want to do something - it is good /Alexey Leonov – ‘Donavia’, Sales Director/;

• Thank you for the opportunity to hear the voices of professionals about the loyalty programs /Irina Kuzmenko – ‘Dec education’, PR-manager/;

• Maximum amount of useful information in 3 days /Oleg Lesov – ‘FarTop’, Head of Information Technology/;

• This course has allowed me to get familiar with the colleagues’ experience in the development and management of loyalty programs, with new trends in this area /Natalia Pasechnik – Insurance company ‘INGO Ukraine’, Head of Marketing/;

• It was interesting and inspiring, I have made pleasant acquaintances and obtained useful business contacts /Elena Gaykovskaya - UMT-gps monitoring, Transport Director/;

• I liked the atmosphere and professional trainings, I was also pleasantly surprised with the high level of audience and the highest level of experts /Maxim Maminov – retail chain ‘Slata’, Marketing Director/;

• I was favorably surprised that people were eager to share their experiences, to help each other /Natalia Khomik – Mand TS, CRM Expert/;

• The course impressed me by the relevance and topicality of the information given, I would like to immediately implement a loyalty program in my company /Michael Karpyuk ‘Samit Motors Ukraine’, Senior Marketing Manager/.




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